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I was thoroughly impressed with how quickly I was able to get a service call after calling, and customer service was really good. Truthfully, I can't judge quality and thoroughness until I try a load of wash to ensure all runs smoothly, but I am expecting a positive outcome : ) Thanks again; have a good evening!

The gentleman that came was excellent. They came with the part and fixed it that night. We were very pleased with the service and will recommend and use them again.

Good evening, my customer service experience was excellent. Yoon texted me in advance, arrived as scheduled, was professional in every sense of the word. Offered me the option to temporarily fix the washer item, but I opted for complete replacement, knowing that the machine is 10 years old and would, likely, in the not-too-distant future require replacement and Yoon had brought a replacement with him prepared for that choice should I move in that direction. I will be calling IrooTEK Appliance Service in the future for my LG appliances, as needed, in the future. Many thanks,

Was nice and friendly. Texted me of his arrival time. Was able to figure out the problem and over the part today. Best of all I called yesterday and they were able to come today. Much appreciative of that. Suggested we replace the linner, but if not told me how to clean it. Was very good. Thank you.

I have NEVER had any tradesman, repairman, technician, arrived at the exact time they said they would be here.

Friendly and professional service. Best price for repairs downtown. Highly recommended!

Very helpful and made sure it was running well before he left.

So happy to have the machine working again. I also appreciated the explanation

of what the problem was. Thank you very much.

Went above and beyond. Even cleaned up behind the stove and levelled it!

Provider was very knowledgeable and highly skilled.

Did a good job and fixed ahead of schedule. Much appreciated. Thank you.





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